A Place for the Elderly in Modern Society

old manThere is a general feeling that the elderly do not get the place in society that they rightly deserve. Elderly people in modern society can fit in perfectly if they discard their ‘old school’ thoughts. Gone are the days when grand children would simply listen with rapt attention to the stories that were unfolded by their grand parents. In days gone by elders ruled the roost and their word was law. Not any more. With the kind of exposure one has these days one does not have to depend on the advice that would be given by the elderly with regard to how one should live one’s life. Technology being available with just a click of the mouse today’s generation finds life far more interesting and absorbing than having to spend time with their elderly. Hope is not lost however, in that with a bit of adjustment the elderly could on the contrary join hands with modern society and try to merge with it. There are several opportunities for the elderly to be a part of modern society.

Taking for granted that their children and grand children will be at their beck and call is yet another thought that needs refurbishing. With encouragement from parents more and more youngsters leave their shores seeking greener pastures and when this happens, it would be unfair for the elderly to expect their kin to be at their disposal. Today’s youngsters have to deal with problems that did not exist in days gone by. There used to be a joint family system and rallying round each other was more a rule than an exception.

Elders also need to play their role for them to be accepted in society. It is time elders gradually stepped back and gave youngsters an opportunity to be in the limelight. This is how elderly people in modern society can survive and be appreciated.

Elderly people in modern society need a place, a place where they can live with dignity and for this they have to plan their old age well in advance. The most important need is to be financially independent and this does not happen over night. Years of careful planning is required that can ensure a senior, financial stability without which they will be a burden on society. Being a part of health care schemes is yet another area which the elderly need to pay attention to.

With children having left the shores, more and more elders are left alone to fend for themselves. It is time therefore that the elderly get mentally prepared to move into a retirement settlement where they will be taken care of and the thought that their elderly are taken care of would ensure peace to the youngsters.

Many elders take to social work and become useful to society and that is yet another way to ensure a dignified place for elderly people in modern society.

Elderly people in modern society will be appreciated and loved if they make no demands nor have any expectations from society.

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